Friday, March 9, 2012

Apparently I've been a little slack in the blogging department!

But there is always an excuse for not being up to date with my own blog.... Too busy reading everyone else's!! lol!

I've got a quiet a collection of blogs that I read these days that by the time I've finished reading them I'm either over sitting at the computer or one of my kidlets needs some attention.

And I have been researching a lot of homeschooling stuff online as well, so much its been mind boggling!!

I do have some half finished posts sitting there ready to send off into blogger space, some are even link ups! (Though they may have expired by now! oops!)

So hang in there my nagging little blogger police (yes you guys know who I'm talking about - can't believe I got nagged twice in one day, by 2 separate people!! bbaaahhhaaa!!)

To be prepared to be bombarded with an amazing and astounding amount of posts this March!! :)


  1. Sue

    Been wondering how it was all going, interested to read about where you've been internet wandering too:) and I love your header words up the top, making me smile:)

  2. Was wondering how you were going. I know the feeling, I have so many blogs I love that just catching up on everyone else's takes alot of time lol,,,,I love it though!