Sunday, February 12, 2012

Meet the Students Aussie NBTS Blog Hop

Our Worldwide Classroom

I'm pretty excited to finally be able to join in with the NTBS Blog Hop. This is our 4th week of homeschooling :)

I'm keeping it short and sweet and will add a recent pic soonish :)

Callum (12) year 8
Schooling History - preschool to year 7
Likes - xbox, playing football, angry birds,
Dislikes - anything to do with school work
Wants to be - someone who travels and works with animals as he is a passionate animal advocate

Livia (11)
School History - preschool to year 6
Likes - reading, littlest pet shop, animals, computer games, expanding her mind with weird facts, learning languages
Dislikes - repetitive school work
Wants to be - a linguist, or in a position with travel

Aliya (8)
School History - prep to year 2
Likes - reading, computer games, animals, arts, baking, dancing, singing, dressing up
Dislikes - boring school work
Wants to be - various things have been mentioned but nothing concrete yet, which is great :)

Silas (5)
School History - part time pre-prep last year
Likes - Pokemon, angry birds, animals,
Dislikes - school work unless its fun
Wants to be - a pokemon master

Kaydence (2&1/2)
School History - never been
Likes - Dora, drawing, story time, playing with big brothers and sisters
Dislikes - nap time, being made to act her age, clothes (loves being nudie)
Wants to be - boss of the house!

Braith (1)
School History - never been
Likes - cuddles, being held all the time, new past time is walking, love being outside, bath times
Dislikes - sleeping through the night (lol)
Wants to be - just busy being cute


  1. Thank you for introducing you children:) Now I have a better picture.
    btw, if you link back to the hop and then go over and add your url there they will all find you over here and pop over and visit:)