Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Popcorn Science = Home School Fun :)

As I had previously mentioned, a few weeks back (can't believe I'm already saying a few WEEKS back) we were having some very monotonous days of bookwork, so I decided to add in some fun with Popcorn Science - a resource I either got free or purchased cheap (I can't quite remember now) from

It was a good choice as there was activities that all the different ages could join in with!

Inside there is a few experiments to do with popcorn and our 1st activity was about how the force in the kernel reacts to create 'popcorn'.

We learned about the structure of a kernel.

We 'damaged' some kernels with a hammer (it was too hard to use the pliers there was kernels flying everywhere!) to see the difference to the level of force created when heated.

The difference between 'damaged' kernels and 'whole' kernels when heated.

And then we decided to make some caramel popcorn :) Not part of the lesson but very fun and just in time for afternoon tea :)

And it was a good opportunity to teach the kids how to make caramel popcorn, especially Callum who is showing an interest in cooking :)


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