Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Family time @ Australia Zoo :)

On Saturday we took the kids to Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast :) They were having a promo for Bindi's 12th birthday where all kids were free entry, a saving of $134.

We also gave Callum for his birthday a Red Panda Experience which we used on the same day. He has been obsessed with this little creatures for months and months :)He had the best time!!! I can not recommend the experience more!!! Very hands on and involved!!! It was fantastic!! They place a towel over your lap and give you food to encourage them to climb up! Callum was giving the pandas a good old pat and I was even allowed into the exhibit with him so I sneaked a pat as well!! We were given 2 professional photos and since I was allowed in managed to get some awesum pics of my own to remember the day with!!

We had a awesum day!! The kids were fantastic!! Really well behaved. It makes a difference with Silas being out of the terrible stage of running off!!

We expected to see a few large families when we went but we didn't really spot any........It seem like 2 or 3 kids were the norm, I know that there was a few people staring at us when we sat to have lunch, 5 kids and me being pregnant draw just has much interest as the elephant show! hehehehehe


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