Friday, November 11, 2011

The flu is here!!

I tried beating it with super green juices - blueberries, spinach, orange juice and banana. Looks delish here....

Until you blend it! But it still tastes nice!!

Then a lovely friend Melissa braved the possibility of getting the flu herself and made (and deliverd) 'sick soup', a suck in your cheeks kinda experience that I thought would fling the flu right out of me!! And while it made me feel great (hey my throat stopped hurting for awhile afterwards and I had energy to sort the kids out) I still stayed sick. I ate the whole pot! It actually was my kinda soup, will have to get the reciepe!

And I felt very spoilt and loved when Melissa alsomade a quiche for the family's dinner!! I know you may come across this post Melissa and I want you to know that I really appreciate your kindness!! oxox I can't wait to return the favour! (flu free that is!)

So its now been 5 days of flu (and we don't often get laid up this long with the flu) with Myself and Mike, Braith, Kaydence getting a good dose of it (Mike is better already lucky bugger!) and the bigger kids seem to be getting a touch of it. I now have a sinus thing happening, runny nose watering eyes, stuffy head! U name it seems I will have it! Fingers crossed it passes soon and we don't get sick again for a long long while!!


  1. Im sorry to hear you are still sick hun. Thanks for your sweet comments about my sick glad it brought you comfort at least!