Monday, November 7, 2011

New addition to the family :)

Introducing Miss Red :) She used to belong to my sister and brother in law (Mikes sister) who are moving a few hours drive away and were unable to take her to their new place. She came complete with her own tank and all the bits and pieces to keep her happy.

She is a Red Devil or also known as a Central American Cichid and is best keep a solo fish due to their aggressive nature (though she does have a companion catfish who lives in the castle, and doesn't seem to venture out!). Miss Red is about 5 yrs old and around 22cms long.

She seems very smart and love to check people out when they approach the tank. You can almost see the personality in her eyes. Mike just loves having her and it has stirred up memories of when his father kept fish when he was growing up. He has been itching to keep a big fish tank for years.

Callum went with his mates to catch yabbies to put in the tank, which we thought Red might eat but so far they seem to be off the menu. Tomorrow we'll get her some feeder fish to enjoy.

So yes we have yet another mouth to feed and clean up after! lol! or rather I should say it will be me cleaning up after yet another pet! lol! At least this one doesn't poop and wee on the floor!


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