Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fresh Picked Flowers :)

Mike was sweet enough to pick these flowers for me from the road side yesterday :)

Advantage over store bought flowers? FREE :) ;p

Disadvantage? Ummm the creatures that came free with road side flowers!!

ps I don't mind spiders, caterpillars and beatles but not inside!!


  1. The flowers he's has picked for you are so appealing.Things which come for free be it flowers or anything else wouldn't come without a price.This time you have to bear the creatures! Why don't you plant some flowers of your own?I would love to do this one day!
    Check this if you wish -
    Language of Flowers
    Can you speak the language of flowers?

  2. Ugh. If that spider came in my flowers, I would be saying I love you honey but please, no more flowers.