Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baby #7 - 17 weeks :)

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Atm I'm very weary! Tired alot! I still have Kaydence and Braith waking several times a night, and we have alot going on atm, a wedding, school/kindy/guide breakups, all the xmas stuff that is going on and also Silas's birthday party (held early so his kindy friends have a chance to attend since its so close to xmas!).

Or perhaps my body has just realised I'm pregnant and not just fat! ;) I also have my 1st hospital appointment next friday at 6.50pm - yes a night time appointment!! For some reason my hospital likes to have the initial appt at night, which is ok this time around as Mike now works a day shift - last 2 times I had all the children with me and it was chaos! Trying to run through all my birth history with the midwife for the file, with children that are usually having dinner/baths/getting ready for bed is crazy!!

I'm almost at the stage that we can find out what we are having!!! and since we are so close to xmas I thought it would be fun to get the gender written down, so we can wrap it and open it up on xmas eve :)

Perhaps a new tradition of finding out what the next baby will be EVERY XMAS EVE! lol! oh I wish! When I look at Braith and he cracks a cheeky smile at me, I feel sad that perhaps this will be my last pregnancy.....most doctors are shocked that this will be my 5th c/s so I'm not so sure I'll get the ok to have another after this baby :( Stupid body!! Not that I would keep having babies foreva! just perhaps one a few years time....


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