Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A day of Christmas Craft :)

Today was a day of entertaining kids so that they didn't drive me up the wall :) I find that structured 'organised' activity stops them from squabbling with each other and constantly nagging to use the computers.

We made chains (with the dreaded leftover brochures that the kids deliver), while singing along to Christmas songs. Callum (no picture allowed to be taken, too cool you see) made Christmas biscuits to decorate (job for tomorrow) and he also organised the kids to do some Christmas coloring ins and word searches. Callum then decided to make lunches, fresh egg sangas (run out of lettuce lol) since the dodo birds are laying so well atm.

It was a fun day, no pressure to be out and about. The kids had minimal tiffs which were resolved quickly :) Since the kids behaved so well, the big kids were rewarded with computer time, and Mumma was rewarded with quiet time as both the little ones went down for a nap together :) YAY for me :)