Saturday, December 24, 2011

Baby #7 - 20 weeks :)

pregnancy calendar


Well its xmas eve here and though I'm busy with the xmas lunch prep, I thought I would drop in here and update with the exciting news that we are expecting another little.........


while I'm lucky to have a good mix of both boys and girls I am very excited about having 2 little boys in a row to share growing up close in age together :) I've had boy, girl, girl (but a 4 yr gap) then boy, girl, boy and now boy :)

Now comes the tricky part of choosing a name to 'go' with our other names!! Eek!

Oh and this little man looks like he might be another little porker, already measuring 2 wks ahead of his dates!! I'm hoping he doesn't end up as big as Silas who was 10 pound 12 ounces!!!

Now I just have to wait til the 4th of January to find out when the doc's want to schedule my c/s :)


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