Tuesday, December 13, 2011

End of year kindy breakup for Silas :)

Its amazing how fast this year has come and gone!! It seems like yesterday I was sending my sweet and gentle, but always cheeky Silas off to Kindy! At the break up the kids participated in a Nativity Play and Silas was a Inn Keeper :)

We then sang Christmas songs and the kids presented the parents with a present (a 2012 calendar) and they were given a gift from the centre, handmade costumes, Silas got a cape and mask :) Very cute and well thought out :) I think he was more excited to be giving me his present then getting a present for himself!

We then feasted for lunch and Silas said his goodbyes to his friends (though some he was seeing for his b'day party on Saturday)

His most talked about mates Josh (who Silas includes in random stories so much that people think he is an imaginary friend, and Ella who took a interest in his pokemon card obsession).

And of course little brother Braith joined in with feasting, 1st icecream in a cone and lots of other foods the kids were sharing with him, lucky for me we don't have food allergies :)


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