Monday, February 15, 2010

Time to get my wings on! Thats right! The tooth fairy is coming to visit!!

Finally! That wriggly little so and so had come out! After weeks of 'wriggle it' mum and countless boxes of tissues to try and 'drag' it out, the tooth fell out without any help needed :) The story goes like this, "I was playing at school and just as the bell went to go back to class, it just kinda fell and I had to catch it in my hand. Didn't hurt one bit!!"

So the tooth was wrapped up in 3 tissues and stashed securely in her bag. When the kids got off the bus this arvo Aliya (5) decided to get the tooth out for a show and oops! it was lost in the grass! (Its a shame cause I like to keep their first teeth) Many tears where shed but in the end, we all know that the tooth fairy will still know that the glass of water on the window ledge is for putting in money for lost teeth!

So the going rate for the tooth fairy these days? Well I thought that $5 is a good rate, but then Livia chimes in to tell me that she only got $2 and that Aliya is just way to spoiled if she would get $5. Mind you this is coming from Miss Livia (9) who can't even remember where she put her socks that she has just put down 2 secs ago!!

So I figure $4 is going to be the magic number, sure the older kids will have a moan, but what can you do about inflation?

Ali is one of the last of her friends to loose a tooth, so there you go baby girl, another 'grown up' milestone passed. Love you lots my crazy girl!


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