Saturday, August 13, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —
Today has been a awesome week! Nothing exciting or eventful happened but there was a lot of family interaction this week which always makes me extra happy :)

— 2 —
I've been on track with my eating this week and I've exercised everyday this week :) And it feels good :)

— 3 —
We have the dreaded cold back into the house with Silas, Kaydence and Braith all being miserable. Luckily for me Braith is the only one waking up constantly because he's getting congested. Getting up to one night owl is manageable for me :)

— 4 —
The stars are still aligned when it comes to the renovations :) We are still plodding along and hope to have some more walls and perhaps the roof installed this week :)

— 5 —
3rd last game of soccer :( I love being a soccer Mumma!

— 6 —
Sipping my cup of tea, wearing my dressing gown that I got for mothers day, in preparation for some mumma time reading blogs :) (This might have to be my standard #6) and here I am yet again :) and yep here I am again - well today I'm blogging this in the morning, eating my eggs and mushrooms, sipping my tea, dressed in my workout gear with my shoes waiting patiently for a run :)

— 7 —
Sometimes finding 7 things exciting enough to blog about is a struggle, little things that are meaningful to me, is about as boring as watching grass grow for everyone else! :)

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