Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sometimes something happens that helps you............


1. Recognize the full worth of.
2. Be grateful for (something).

Today while I was shopping with the kids, my car was involved in a accident.

A elderly gentleman, had a turn in the car park and accelerated forwards, instead of slowly reversing and ended up hitting my car plus 6 others.

He hit my car (ok its a bus lol) 1st and managed to shift it across about 2m, and then it smashed into the other cars in the parks across from me.

LUCKILY no one was hurt!! Luckily I was not walking to/from my car with my kids when it happened or we may have been very hurt! Luckily I was not loading my kids into the car when it happened, or we may have been crushed by my car being forced across the car park. Luckily I can still drive my car at the moment. Luckily the man was insured.

Its moments like this that make me take stock of my life and realise how LUCKY I am in life and how I really need to appreciate everyone around me.

(Please excuse the quality of the photos, they were taken as a after thought and it was starting to get dark. The white car is mine, the gray car the elderly gentleman's, and also there is a photo of a couple of the cars that were still waiting to get moved)


  1. Oh you poor thing!! It still must have been a horrible shock for you. I am so glad everyone is okay,,,,is the elderly man ok?
    I think things like this always make you look at life differently.
    Can you imagine if it had happened to him a few minutes earlier when he was most likely driving at speed on the roads??? It may have indeed ended in tragedy!

  2. Oh gosh, thank goodness it was only damage to vehicles. I do hope the man is ok though.