Sunday, August 7, 2011

Renovations - the downstairs living area

We are full steam ahead with our renovations :) We are currently working on the living space in the downstairs section with is destined to be my primary 'homeschooling space'.

As it is a bit of dark closed in space, we had decided to put a sliding glass door on the back of the room to allow in as much light as possible and to add that open indoors/outdoors feel.

Initially we thought we would by a brand new door for this space and we had started to feel around for prices and were horrified at the quotes of $800 plus for just a standard size glass door, without screens even!!

So I decided to hunt around for a good quality door, even if it was just a saving of a few $$$, when I came across this beauty for the bargain price of $350!! Yippee!! And it came with 2 side panel windows, opens up centrally (instead of just the one door opening) and already has screens :) Only 2 yrs old! As new condition :) It has completely transformed the space and opened the room right up :)

I'm so very thankful that I have my very own 'Bob the Builder' who can do all of this and save us even more $$$$!!! oxoxox


  1. Steve has done most of our renovations too and has saved us a heap. It is good to have handy husbands.