Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm Grateful for.....

Living in the moment and just being.

I'm enjoying the warm days, reading books on the rug outside with my babies, Kadee hugging Braith so tight that he squirms in protest,

Watching the chickens chase imaginary bugs,

Laughing at Silas running up to me with handfuls of eggs, squealing with delight as he brings out another egg from his pocket, exclaiming that he tricked me into thinking there was only 2,

Helping Mike with the renovations, getting excited about how close we are to finishing that space,

Cheering on Callum at his soccer game, marvelling at how grown up he is becoming,

Taking my girls to the hairdresser, Livia getting her first ever 'style' a side fringe that she is fussing over every other minute,

with Aliya, a programme called Reading Eggs, and shaking my head in amazement at how easily she is learning her words.

Being in the moment and able to appreciate the little things is something I am grateful for....

Thanks to MaxabellaLoves for hosting and to MahliMoo, Me and Three for the pointing me in this direction :)


  1. It all sounds like bliss to me, Sue. I love plucking out these 'moments' amidst the chaos and realising how lucky we are to have them. I love your blogs introduction paragraph too. x