Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Mumma - Means Happy Family :)

"One thing that seems to pull me out of my funk is to spend some focus time on me. When I am taking a little care of myself it all seems to pull together again. I seem to be able to focus on my well being for a little while before the daily grind of 'getting things done' seems to take over. This way I figure that I will be able to look back on my week and think to myself - better take care of numero uno to keep up the family harmony :"

Its not Monday ........... but did i manage to achieve some Mumma Stuff last week? I sure did :)

*I got some much needed and long overdue catch up time with my dear friend and Fitness Barbie. Did I mention that she also did her very own Bootcamp on me?! I was pushed to limits that I didn't know existed and I sure did wallow in the phrase "No pain, No gain!" My legs hurt so bad that I wasn't able to sit on the toilet without flopping and nearly ripping the seat off! But after 3 days they have come good again and now I can run :)
*I made time for myself and I exercised 5 out of 7 days.
*We caught up with Mikes brother, wife and their son (who is the same age as Callum) as they have moved into the same area as us, its been a very long time between catch ups and found out some exciting news, they are expecting again :) After 10 or so years of believing they were unable to have more children they are over the moon :)
*I've spent some time reading :) How I have missed immersing myself in a book and just letting myself get swept away by the story.........I think the last time I spent a good chunk of time reading was before Braith was born.

I'm a simple needs girl, who is happiness is triggered by little moments, I just have to remember to live in the moment, rather then being too busy to notice.

I hope everyone out there is also enjoying the simple things in life :)


  1. Its great that you have found some "You" time. As a mother of a large family it is hard to squeeze in that time isn't it?
    I have taken to picking up my crochet at night when we sit down to watch a programme with the kids. I find that I can get a square or two of crochet done which I enjoy while still being able to talk about the programme with them. Some days that is the only time I get so helps lol.

  2. Congrats to your bil and sil:)