Thursday, August 4, 2011

Its gone for good :)

After 8 years, we have disconnected our Foxtel Subscription!!!

I was finding that we constantly had the TV turned onto the cartoon channels, and that the kids would come and go throughout the day, watching unlimited hours of mindless repeats over and over again.

While there was shows that we enjoyed, we found that everyone preferred the company of the TV rather then each other. So now the TV is off during the day, I play music instead to have some background noise, and there is no longer as many fights over the shows they want to watch.

The Foxtel people tried everything from free months to IQ upgrades to keep us with them, but after 12mths of taking them up on their deals I finally put my foot down and said no more just come and collect it :)

Plus it would have ended up costing us $80 per month (after the deals had finished) so win win all around.

And even after all the protests from the kids about getting it disconnected............they don't even miss it :)


  1. Good on you!!!!

    I want to do the same but am meeting some tough opposition from Hubby and my eldest at the moment. How else will they be able to watch their wrestling???? lol

    I do like a couple of programmes on there but as I keep pointing out, the majority of shows we watch are on the free to air channels anyway so we are paying $75 a month for wrestling effectively,,,value??? NOPE!