Friday, August 5, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —
And here we are again! I missed last Friday so I should have lots of fun stuff to share, right?!?

— 2 —
My wonderful brother Trevor and sister in law Taren (*Waves) came to visit with their 3 awesome kidlets :) The days went way to fast as usual but we managed to cram in lots of shopping, cooking, eating, playing and of course running around after the kidlets :) Miss them way too much and can't wait for our trip to Gladstone in September for more cuddles :)
We were so busy we forgot to get the camera's out but at the last min I managed to catch a photo of Silas and Zaylen :)

Ummmmm not sure what Zay's jacket is doing lol!!

— 3 —
Both Braith and Kaydence are sleeping alot better, I'm getting a couple of good 3 hr blocks of sleep each nite now, life is looking rosie again! I bought them both Amber Teething Necklaces, not sure if they work but they look cute :)

Here Kaydence is posing and showing off those pearly whites that are giving her (and Mumma) restless and sleepless nights. We are 'lucky' enough to be cross cutting her stomach and eye teeth atm, oh the fun and the joy :)

— 4 —
The home schooling jounery is still an exciting adventure, where I am starting to gather quiet a collection of resources, I have my eye on a white board to add to the collection this week :)

— 5 —
My brother Trevor, Sister in Law Taren (waves hello) and their 3 kids are coming for a quick visit this week! I can't wait to see everyone again, its been a long time between visits and is extra special as we will be catching up with each others new babies, Zaylen and Braith!

— 6 —
Sipping my cup of tea, wearing my dressing gown that I got for mothers day, in preparation for some mumma time reading blogs :) (This might have to be my standard #6) and here I am yet again :) and yep here I am again

— 7 —
Renovations are plodding along nicely, slow and steady seems to be the motto of the whole renovation process!! Will post some updated posts soon :)

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