Monday, August 1, 2011

Slim Down Sunday

So I am in the process of loosing weight. You know all that baby fat I've collected over the years. Up and down, using pregnancy as my excuse to keep a little pudding around the middle. Excuses like, why bother getting fit if I'm just going to get pregnant and chunky again.

But I'm finding that I am a much more energised Mumma when I weigh closer to my healthy weight range. So to keep me on track I'm linking up with a bunch of other bloggers who wanna get fit too! I found this link up over at The Fruit of her Hands

Being accountable and being 'present' with my weight loss really helps me, especially when the days rush on by!! And with it being a new month, I'm starting fresh :)

Here are my stats :)

BMI 27.2

Height - 163cms
Weight - 72.4kgs
Waist 110cm
Bust 94cm (totally all back fat not rack lol)
Left Thigh 56cm
Right Thigh 58cm
Left Calf 37cm
Right Calf 37cm
Left Arm 31cm
Right Arm 29m

Goals?? To enter the healthy BMI weight range 23.7 which is about 63kgs, I can wear a size 12/10 comfortably, energy levels are high and I'm generally a Happy Mumma.

How?? To stay on track with my eating plan, provided by my ultra health and fitness friend, who we shall call Fitness Barbie :)

And to exercise everyday this month, allowing for 1 day of rest :) I guess as I get further into my challenge, I'll be able to get real with what is working and how I'll be achieving my goals and what is really preventing me from achieving them :)


  1. Hi Sue,

    Great goals! Sometimes we take on too much and then it's hard to follow through. I have a Fitness Barbie in my life too! (Love the moniker!) You have beautiful children.


  2. Hello Sue,

    LOVE the name of your site : )
    Great goals like April said. All the best for this next week. I have a fitness Ken... my hubby (he has lost 18kg since he started 18 months ago and kept it down!!)