Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kaydence Annabelle is 2!!

I can't believe that my littlest girl is now 2 years old!! And she is totally rocking being a 2 year old! Kadee has been acting older for a few months now, toilet training herself for the last few months (all self initiated) and coming up with little catch phrases like "I don't know" when asked where something is and proudly saying everyone's name well, except for Silas who she calls Yi Yi lol :)

Kadee really got into the spirit of ripping off wrapping paper this year (good practice for Christmas!) and while we decided to have small birthdays this year for the kidlets, we had a special day.

As per tradition the birthday child gets to choose their birthday dinner and Kadee decided that she wanted noodles aka spaghetti :) So I slow cooked a bolognese sauce all day and Mike made fresh home made pasta, which is always a treat!

Kadee also had a visit from Melissa and her family (a fellow homeschooling Mumma, *waves!*) who happened to get Kadee a book, books happen to be her 'favourite toy' atm.

This birthday I decided to give a 'theme cake' a go. We mostly do home made cakes, but generally play it safe with chocolate icing and lots of sprinkles. But I recon I didn't do so badly with my 1st ever attempt and I've even had requests for more 'theme cakes'. (For those who couldn't work it out, its a jewellery box. Now I just have to learn some tricks of the trade to give my cakes that polished look :) Oh and my shirt was a causality, pink food dye all up the front! I still have pink spots on my belly! lol!

And of course the birthday girl got shy when sung Happy Birthday and the big kids had to blow out the candles :) (Aliya made a last min addition to the cake and added a heart to the top of the jewellery box)

Mumma loves you Monkey Girl and I look forward to many a Happy Birthday to share with you :) oxoxoxo


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