Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baby #7 - We're 9 weeks already!


pregnancy calendar

I can't believe that I'm already 9 weeks pregnant!! I'm feeling amazing, my morning sickness is pretty much gone and if Braith was sleeping better I'm sure I wouldn't even be tired!

My hips have already started to hurt, which is something I experienced really badly with Kaydence's pregnancy, in the end, I had to brace myself when sitting or rising up from a seat as I thought my hips would fall apart!! Eek! It better not be like that this time around!! Especially with 2 little ones needing to be carried!!

I've gained a bit more weight then I would have liked already but considering I've dropped my exercise and clean eating, it could be worse! I'm getting back into regular exercise now that I've gotten the all clear from the doctors and I'm sure I'll be able to keep a steady weight throughout this pregnancy instead of gaining 20kgs+ that I usually do (and then have to put in a massive effort afterwards to drop the weight!)

P.S. I came across a couple of cute tickers, so if your after a laugh or a more factual update, I've got it covered! lol!


  1. 9 weeks is great. I love the tickers. I had two on my blog when I was pregnant with Joseph.