Sunday, October 23, 2011


Yes I've finally organised my kitchen - somewhat. It is amazing how much stuff is collected over the years and how much I really just don't use, but can't bring myself to part with.

Livia (who has a hidden talent of organising and fitting things in just so) and I decided enough was enough and we gutted the kitchen!

The dreaded corner cupboard! Where things just don't fit quiet right and you have to move things to get to other things. Before and after.

I actually used to have my plates in this cupboard but when I shifted them around we found it just didn't work so back they went. Before and after.

Its a work in progress and I still have the pantry to go but things are so much more organised and easy to get to!! and its a job I won't have to do when nesting kicks in later on!


  1. Wow, what a big job! Just checking out some new blogs while I was nursing the baby. Would love to chat a little but I am no good at typing with one hand. We are leaving on vacation at o' dark hundred tomorrow but I hope to stop by and look around a little bit more when we return at the end of the month. Lovely family you have. Congratulations on your newest. I love your unique names. My hubby and I always try for something not quite so common when naming our kiddos.