Monday, October 24, 2011

Not Me! Monday

I can across this fun little link up at They All Call Me Mom who in turn joins in at Mckmama. What a crack up to see some Mumma's keeping it real and having some fun at their own expense! :)

Well my Monday should be a lot more productive then it has been!! We are going away on Wednesday and I've not packed a thing!! NOT A THING!! and in less then 20min I have to pick up Ali and Cal from school, then go back at 4pm and pick up Liv from after school sports, then at 5pm drop off Ali at girls guides who happen to having a park day at a park 20min drive away, then go back and pick her up at 7pm. Eeek!! I'm having a mini freak out moment just thinking about it!! And the kids have to deliver their brochures in the next 2 days as well!

But it is so Not Me! to leave things til last moment and put in a big effort to get things done! But this Mumma does her best work under pressure :)

Oh and it wouldn't be a Not Me! moment this week when I realised I can't find my boys size 0 clothes to swap out for Braith!! I mean every other size is there and sorted into their boxes but I can't find the size 0!!!!! What the?? The search will continue after we come back on holidays, but lucky for me, I'm meeting up with my brother and sister-in-law who has kindly gone through her stash of baby clothes and found some stuff to spare :)

SO that is Not Me! for my Monday!! fingers crossed I don't have any Not Me! moments to share from our holiday!! ;)


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