Monday, October 3, 2011

My Book Love ( as shared by Seven Little Australians and Counting)

When Erin tagged me in her book love meme I was really flattered excited and a little bit nervous! I mean, Erin listed so many books that she has loved, currently loves and would love to read!

While I am a avid reader myself and has been since about the age of 8 ( I would sneak my Dad's torch and reading under the covers at night), I was never raised in a family of book readers (we were never read to on a regular basis), so establishing a regular reading time for my family has only just developed over the last few years (now that I no longer work full time). I have to admit my older children were not read to for enjoyment (just the school readers we 'had' to do) due to being so exhausted from working so much. Sad I know! (But we still had a collection of books 'laying' around to read)

But luckily that has not dampened their thirst to read a good book. I also have my older children read to the younger children on those busy busy days when I have alot going on.

(Jaidon reading 10 Little Mermaids to the younger kids when he was here on the holidays)

I like to read a bit of everything and everything from Novels, Gardening Books, Cooking Books, Biographies, and atm while not technically not 'books' I spend alot of time reading blogs of interest (quick easy reads in between seeing to the kids needs). Atm I'm finding it hard to get a nice block of time to sit down with a good read, as I like to really 'fall into' a story when I get going with a book.

(Braith and Kadee hamming it up with their current reads)


  1. Sue
    I love seeing pictures of big brothers reading to younger siblings:)