Friday, October 21, 2011

Home Schooling Mini Fair

This week we ditched school to attend a Home Schooling Mini Fair! It was a last minute decision, as I thought that I wouldn't have my car fixed in time, and honestly I was having a bad start to my day. You know the one where the kids are squabbling, can't find their uniforms/swim gear/homework *stress *stress *stress!! lol!!

SO I hummmm and arrrrrr'd about going and thought what the heck, keep the big kids home and come up with a something they can set a stall up with. So we decided to do Loofah Seed Raising Kits. I think that the kids would have had a lot more success selling if they actually packed the Loofah to display so that the kids could see what the seeds would turn into, but they did well enough to buy bits and bobs from the other stalls!

Silas invested in 2 dino's for 0.50c each!

The kids had a ball hanging out with a fellow homeschooling Mumma, who's girls were busking their way to fame and fortune :)

And then we went and had a packed lunch at a park we spied on the way there. And being a school day we had the park all to ourselves :)

And yes I tried to get the kids to pose together for a nice photo :)


  1. That is a nice picture of the children all together.

    One of the best things about home schooling is deciding to do things last minute.