Sunday, October 9, 2011

Not Me! Monday

I can across this fun little link up at They All Call Me Mom who in turn joins in at Mckmama. What a crack up to see some Mumma's keeping it real and having some fun at their own expense! :)

Well here goes, my 1st Not Me Monday Ever.......

*Yesterday we went to Bunnings with Silas, Kadee and Braith to pick some seeds to kick start the garden. And it was hectic! Took 15mins just to get a park! While we are there the kids insist on using the kids trolleys, like this 'cute little fella'........ Cute til they take out the back of your freakin heal! OUCH!

So any ways, it was really busy and I was trying to keep track of Silas and Kadee with their trolleys when I spy the little trolley next to me, quickly capture it, as Kadee has proven to be quite nimble with her trolley and exclaim 'Oi, why have you got all that stuff in there??' in my best frazzled Mumma voice. Its only then I take it in that it is in fact another little girl with her trolley getting away from her frazzled Mumma! Oh Not ME!! Oops!

I think that totally takes the cake for my 1st Not Me! Monday! But I'm sure the week will keep my next Not Me! Monday well stocked for future link ups :)


  1. Ha! That's funny! I can see myself doing the same exact thing. In fact, whenever I'm in a crowd and I'm shuffling my little ones along, I've been known to say, "Come along, come along..." while patting another child on the back...just assuming that he or she is one of mine.

    ((Not bad for your first Not me! Monday! Glad you joined in on the fun!))