Friday, October 14, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

Its been awhile since I've joined in with Erin @ 7 Little Aussies and I think its worth while that I do as lately I seem to be on a run of Ground Hog days! Can you believe that the last time I QTF'ed was in August!!

— 1 —
I've been having alot of tired days lately! Lots! and that means not doing much at all! I've decided that I'm going to 'talk' myself into energy! I'm no longer suffering from Morning Sickness and I would think that I'm used to the lack of sleep from Braith so I really don't have any excuse to be soooooo tired and lack lustre when it comes to running things around here. So its back into the drivers seat this week!!

— 2 —
Time to get a handle on Braith's non-sleeping issues (notice I said non-sleeping instead of sleeping lol) The constant waking every 2 hrs or so for a bottle is driving me mad!! I've tried reflux meds @ $45 for 100mls and chiropractor sessions with no success. But he did go spend a night with a friend and ended up sleeping for 6 hrs or so straight! Soooooo perhaps this Mumma is being too soft with him! I've bought the book 'Save our Sleep' by Tizzie Hall AND I intend on using it! lol!! Will let you know how it goes :)

— 3 —
Kadee turns 2 tomorrow! Amazing how the time passes so QUICKLY these days! I spend a good 2 hrs browsing the shops BY MYSELF this evening for birthday nick knacks and I enjoyed the time ALONE so much! lol!

— 4 —
The stars are still aligned when it comes to the renovations :) We are still plodding along and hope to have some more walls and perhaps the roof installed this week :)

— 5 —
Lots of organising plans this week, swapping everyones winter clothes out for summer ones and moving the little kids up a size :) Massive job and I'm not looking forward to it!

— 6 —
I'm going to take a little bit of time for me this week! Back to my regular exercise and some ALONE time just to relax! Perhaps a new book is in order?

— 7 —
Sometimes finding 7 things exciting enough to blog about is a struggle, little things that are meaningful to me, is about as boring as watching grass grow for everyone else! :) !!


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