Friday, January 6, 2012

Small Success Thursday

Its been a long time since I've participated in Small Success Thursday, but I did find that it was nice to actually list some achievements for the week.

The run down on SST is as copied from Chocolate for your Brain "This is the day we take stock of those little things that we've done in the past week that either advanced us towards a goal, advanced us towards preserving our family or showed that we did the little things this week that matter, that add up to a lot of little things done with great love. To participate, just list three or more if you were feeling ambitious things that were small successes in your week on your blog and link up."

SO here are my SST's......

1. I online shopped for the 1st time in ages. I did toy with the idea of taking 7 kids out to the shops, you know, something to do, but decided that the potential of the babies playing up and or the kids nagging me for this and that, was wayyyyyy too much for this Mumma to enjoy lol!!

2. I've got my organising mojo back and I've been pottering around the place hitting the hotspots and putting things back in their places, culling anything 'broken/wornout/not used this century'. Its amazing how much 'stuff' is collected over 10 yrs! Even with semi-regular culling!

3. I've managed to keep up with the everyday chores for the last few weeks :) Its so nice to wake up to a clean house and not worry about doing a mad clean if someone decides to visit :) Even the washing and folding is completely up to date!! Fingers crossed we stay in this groove :)

So that's it for me - short and sweet :)


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