Thursday, January 5, 2012

Totally at my witts end!!

Nope its not the kids driving me nuts, its not the chores making me loose my mind, its the socks! YES! SOCKS! lol!!

I have a over abundance of socks that seem to end up loose and lost around the place, in various baskets and draws.

Sock cake anyone? lol! This is a 3l milk next to the pile, big hey?

And since I seem to have early nesting going on I thought that I would tackle the situation head on! lol! With Livia's help, who is the puzzle master, we managed to cull the socks once again to a (hopefully) manageable amount.

We chucked out nearly half the bucket, due to socks being holey or stretched. Surely I'm not only large family out there with a sock situation?? ;)


  1. No you are not the only large family with a sock problem. I solved ours to a degree by buying Tom, Amelia and Christopher the same socks. Steve and our older teenagers also have all the same socks. It hasn't completely solved our problem but we don't have the same problem finding a pair as we use too.