Monday, January 30, 2012

Fun Games at Midnight......

Luckily I was already awake, as I was about to start playing a midnight game of 'Guess who's Vomiting'!!! YAY for me!! lol!

Nothing like a mad dash down the hall to catch the kid mid-spew so that I didn't have to turn on the lights of the other sleeping kids and also wake them up!!

As it turned out it was Braith, and at his age spewing is no fun as he ends up crying louder and louder as I undress him and clean up his cot. Then its a mad dash to get Kaydence back into bed as she has woken up to Braith's noise and also has the sooks on!

So after a dose of Panadole and an hours worth of playing, rocking and walking back and forth I've managed to lay him down and pat him back to sleep. I was crossing all fingers and toes that he was actually asleep as he likes to play possum and pretend hes sleeping, until I stop patting and then he pops his little head up to see if I'm still there and howls when I try to sneak away!! But tonight was my lucky night, he fell asleep easily :)

Fingers crossed no one else comes down with the vomits, I've already had Livia and Aliya sick over the weekend.

Great start to our 2nd week of homeschooling, I'm thinking there will be a late start tomorrow for me, but at least the older kids will be able to start on some of their independent work.


  1. Good save mum! Sarah isnt well today either ( no vomits luky for me ) The beauty of homeschooling is they can school in bed. Sarah is snuggled up with her math book as i type tryign to hide from the dreaded spoon full of olive leaf!

  2. Oh you poor thing!!! Nothing worse than those middle of the night spew sessions :-(

    It was great to hear that homeschool got off to a great start last week. I can't wait to hear more about it,,,,hope everyone is okay this morning!!