Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Family Fun :)

One thing we like to do together as a family is have Marshmellows by the fire :) There is something so earthly and grounding about making a fire and sitting around it enjoying the warmth. Time seems to slow down for a little.....

Sometimes we make a damper on sticks and fill them with honey, or toast bread on sticks over the fire and spear with butter.......yummo......

The kids then enjoy a night play, running around with balls and hula hoops or jumping on the trampoline. I love that we have a 'old fashioned' backyard where we can make fires and have the kids play outside late without the neighbours cracking it lol!

Oh and we take fire safety seriously, as you can see the baby is strapped into his pram, Aliya has her long hair tied back and once we are finished enjoying the fire it is put out with the hose. The children are not allowed to pick up leaves or put in paper to 'make the fire bigger' and they are not allowed to be constantly getting up out of their seats in case they bump into each other or the fire. One can never say never when it comes to children having accidents, (without wrapping them up in bubble wrap) but I try to let them have some 'old fashioned fun', supervised of course.


  1. How fun! We love doing fires out in our back yard too. It is a special family time and makes good memories for the kids.

  2. Hello!
    I grew up with fires in the backyard... something we haven't been able to give our kids - so lovely.