Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Month New Measurements and New Goals :)

So its not a Slim Down Sunday, but I really wanted to stay on track taking my measurements each month to see how the progress is going, rather then relying on scales that torment me by going up and down!!

I can't believe that I've spent a whole month on conscious fitness and clean eating MOST of the time! YAY!!

Here are my previous stats

I have to say the results have been worth it, not just weight wise. I've been the healthiest I've been in years, energy is high and I've also managed to give my antidepressants the boot, which I credit to my new LIFESTYLE!! :)

So here are my current stats

BMI 26.2

 Height - 163cms
Weight - 69.4kgs (3kg loss!)
Waist 95cm (15cm loss!!)
Bust 92cm (2cm loss)
Left Thigh 54cm (2cm loss)
Right Thigh 53cm (5cm loss)
Left Calf 37cm (same)
Right Calf 37cm (same)
Left Arm 29cm (2cm loss)
Right Arm 28cm (1cm loss)

Total of 27cms for the month!! YAY!!

Goals for September??

Maintain my healthy, clean eating.  Keep up with my daily exercise, and being generally more active throughout the day (which shouldn't be hard coming into Spring).

With consistency I hope that I will be able to achieve 65kgs :)  


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