Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Vice

Tea, how I love you! 

I really enjoy a cuppa tea, and I have my own very special way of making it. When we have visitors I have to be consious that not everyone would enjoy my ritual of tea making the way I do.

First I boil the kettle about 7 or so times, not because I have OCD but because I'm usually running around 'multitasking' or seeing to one of the little ones. Then I will find my cup and put in the teabag and just a pinch of sugar. Yes, thats right, I actually pinch sugar out of the jar for my tea, and yes I can taste that pinch of sugar :) And since I'm a pincher and not a spooner, I have to ferret around for something to stir my tea with and scope out the teabag. Any fork or knife will do, I just use the clean handle and stir! No way am I add more washing up by getting out a clean spoon! lol!!

Oh and did I mention that I like my tea milky? So milky that its lukewarm! Mike will often joke, 'Do you want some tea with your milk?' lol!

So there you have it a ritual I repeat as often as possible, as I enjoy the stillness needed to just sit and sip my cuppa tea.

Weird? Yes very weird!


  1. I really love a cup of coffee. I have one first thing in the morning. My hubby brings it in to me to drink when I wake up. Then I have another one at morning tea time and a final one ar afternoon tea.

  2. My Mum is a coffee drinker and can even have a cup before bed!! and still sleep ok! amazing!