Tuesday, September 6, 2011

That sneaky sneaky little stork!!

I'm not even sure how far along we are!! I'm guesstimating 7 weeks with a due date 30th April 2012.....

And that means 3 kids 14mths apart!! Kadee will be 21/2yrs, Braith 1/1/2 years and newborn! Eeekk!


  1. Oh wow congratulations, that is so fantastic!!!
    I know you will have your hands full but just think how close these three will be as they get older, just gorgeous.
    Does this change your homeschooling ambitions?
    All the best for your pregnancy and please take it easy won't you!!

  2. Still full steam ahead on the homeschooling front! I'll just have to make sure that we are as organised as we can be and that we are 'holidaying' around the birth and recovery of baby :)

  3. You rock! We get to be fat and big bellied together!

  4. Congratulations. I actually preferred home schooling around the birth of a child to all the children being at school. I found it less disruptive.