Monday, September 19, 2011

Jellybean Update

Well it seems Jellybean is still with us. I know that the test will show positive up to a week after a miscarriage but I'm choosing to be optimistic on this one. My bleeding is easing up, but then when I think it will be ok, I'll find that I'm still bleeding.

I went back to the doctors last week who informed me that the hormone levels matched my scan results of 5 weeks (which is a good thing), but my dates were not what I was expecting, but with my cycle being so up and down I guess I shouldn't be surprised!

It was recommended that I wait a couple of weeks then get another blood test and scan to see how things are. So fingers crossed this little Jellybean wants to still be with us.....


  1. Still praying for you and the little one.

  2. Well at least it is still looking more positive! I will keep my fingers crossed still. The waiting is so hard though I bet!