Monday, September 19, 2011

Soccer Season has finished....


Another season of sport has finished. This year Callum chose to play soccer with his best mate Paulie. Well during the grading games it was decided that the boys would play up a grade due to Paulie being so tall! Then low and behold Paulie broke his foot playing a game of school soccer and was out for the whole season! Luckily there was another boy from school, Nathan who was also playing and it really made a difference having someone Callum knew playing in the same team!

It was great that the team made the semi-finals!!

But it wasn't ours to win, the score was 3-1. Callum was pretty bummed about letting in the ball, but they were a hard team to bet.

It was a great season, the coach was great! and I think that makes a difference to how the season goes, whether they win or not. The coach managed to foster a good team spirit, and it was a nice change from football where the kids were down right nasty to each other! (and those kids had spent 3 seasons together!)

So while I really really enjoyed being a soccer Mumma, I'll really enjoy the Saturdays spent at home instead of driving up an 1hr each way across town!!

Callum had some great times and really came into his own as the teams goalie, perhaps next season he'll chose soccer, or even AFL or League, but whatever he chooses to play, I'll know he'll try his best and have lots of fun with the boys :)


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