Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our very first Rodeo :)

We went to our first rodeo last week (Mike stayed home with the little kids - he has been to a few rodeo's and is not really that into them)and we had a blast!! :) SO exciting watching the bulls and broncos being ridden. The bulls had some fantastic names which got the kids cacking themselves - Black Acid and Gravel Rash were 2 that I can recall :)

There was a couple of 'bull fighting clowns' which put on a comedy act for the crowd while the bulls and cowboys were setting up between sets. They would set up a dummy in the centre of the ring and after the cowboy was thrown from the bull, the bulls would line up this dummy and then, BAM! throw it up into the air!! Jaidon thought it was a real person at first and got quite a shock, but after he saw it was in a million pieces he started to laugh himself silly! The crowd would whoop and cheer once the bull started to eye off the dummy and paw the ground.

I've heard some say that Rodeos are a cruel sport and that the animals are being mistreated by riding them, but from what I observed, the bulls seem to really enjoy the excitement. Maybe behind the scenes are a different matter?? I wouldn't know.

But I can tell u that a Rodeo gets a big thumbs up from me as a fun family nite out :) The kids and I are mad keen to go to another one :)

Below are the best of the photos I took, gees I think I really really need to get a DSLR camera!!! Might have to go water the money tree :)


  1. I just have to tell you that I LOVE the name Kaydence! As a musician, it's perfect and I'll have to remember it if I ever have another baby girl!