Sunday, April 25, 2010

This is probably what I will be waking up to in the morning....

Well after a big day of pottering around doing chores I don't usually get to, I ambitiously decided to do a big cook up with Silverside and lots of veggies, with big lashings of white sauce with fresh parsley from the garden.

But being tired from being on the go all day, I didn't clean up as I cooked (which I usually do to make clean up easy) and as u can see I have a mission ahead of me...

I think I kinda enjoyed making this mess as I was going along, a bit of me was saying Na Na Na!! The ultimate rebellion, making a mess that I'll have to clean up any-ways! lol!!

But now that I've seen my picture I've decided to at least fill the dishwasher and leave the pots to do in the morning.... or maybe Mike will get up before me and get a start on them :)


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