Monday, April 5, 2010

Camping at Last

I luv to camp :) I was raised by parents that luved to go camping. Every school holidays the parents used to get the gear together and off we would go in the Ute camping at Cooner at Bundaberg. No power, running water or toilets. And we luved it!!!! Sure there was sand in every orifice imagined and the solar shower was a 20 sec affair, but running feral at the beach for a week was the best thing eva!!

Now days as a mother I really want to start up the tradition of camping with the kiddies. We don't live in Bundaberg any more so finding a camping site that compares to Cooner has been impossible, and with 6 kids, I'm not as adventurous as my parents were. I like to have running water for the little kids and digging a dunny for the 8 of us, well it would have to be a mile deep!!

SO tomorrow we will be camping at Lake Dyer, out past Ipswich. Mikes parents have been there quiet a bit and rave about how awesum the facilities are and how cheap :) Its only $22 for the first nite and then the next 2 nites are free. We will be going only for 2 nites though just to check things out. Now for a large family like ours, I am really excited about the cost :) The last time we went camping we went to Tin Can Bay at the local caravan park and its cost us nearly $100 each nite as they charges for extra kids.

So I must be really organised, right?? Or I wouldn't be here wasting away my time on the computer?? WRONG!! I'm so not organised or even have all the bags packed! I still have to run down to the shops in the morning and get the food we need for the trip away!!

I guess this SAHM really needs some excitement in her life hey! The last minute rush to get things organised really gets me in holiday mode! lol!! Never mind, there is no rush to get on the road but I hope we will get out the door by midday!! FINGERS CROSSED!!


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