Sunday, April 18, 2010

# - 15 Learn to ride a horse

Well, yesterday I rode a horse :) My first ride eva!! My niece, Tamika, turned 14 today and she had her party out at a Em's place again.

Last year the kids all got their first ride on a horse (I should explain Em is a friend of the family and she has 7 beautiful horses). I was pregnant with Kadee so was unable to ride, but this year I was jumping with excitement at the thought of riding a horse! It took all my mature mummy effort not to shove the kids aside and say 'Me first!' lol!!

I got to ride a beautiful horse named Possum, she's 18 yrs old and will be having her 1st baby in 5 mths :) Very placid and I even got to ride her without being lead, I totally understand why people have a passion for these animals.

Em mentioned she will be doing private lessons soon, so hopefully they will be affordable, cause the girls and I are busting to ride again soon!! Its such a effort to get the horses in from the paddocks and saddled up, so I would feel bad about rocking up and expecting to ride the horses without offering something in return.

I'll have to remember to take my camera next time :)


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