Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Danion and his Umbilical Hernia

A few weeks after Danion was born he started to develop an Umbilical Hernia, actually it just seemed to appear overnight!

I had never seen nor heard of it before so to good old google I went to search for answers! It is quite a common thing and I didn't feel too concerned but of course went to the doc to get it checked out. He had an ultrasound and it was revealed that the gap was 6cm (generally they are 1-5cm) and that most of his intestine was poking through! In rare cases the intestine can strangulate causing an emergency situation.  He was referred to the hospital and booked for an outpatient appointment.

But luckily, we won't be needing that appointment. While away on holidays is closed up itself in a week, it just got smaller and smaller and now there there is just lax skin where the belly button is!! I can't believe how lucky we are, some kids usually don't have theirs close up til the age of 5!  


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