Monday, August 13, 2012

Changing my life - step one :)

So as I mentioned the other day, I am on a mission!! A mission to make 2012 amazing! And to do that, I need to make some amazing changes. Changes inside, outside and around me :)

Step one - Hire an Inhome Daycare Worker.

Here in Australia we have a very generous government. Everyone is able to access affordable childcare,  if one parent is not in the workforce, volunteering or studying , for a maximum of 24hrs per week

With 4 of my children being 5 and under, I have to admit that my biggest struggle with homeschooling has been entertaining these little guys while I help the older kids with their school work. But what would the point be in sending them off to daycare? May as well have everyone in school!

So I decided to follow up on the concept of Inhome Daycare (to be able to access the service you need to have 3 or more children under school age at home). I had heard about it on the grapevine a few years ago, but had never needed to use it, heck why would I even admit to needing to use it when everyone else I know can cope with having their kids at home with them without any extra help!

And its not really that I can't manage all my beautiful children, they are really great kids! Its just in the last couple of months its dawned on me that I am only one person and that I was stretching myself thin, and that I wasn't able to give the best of myself to my children. We don't have family we can rely on for a helping hand, and I can only ask so much of my friends, so this is the next best thing :)

Today was our first day of our daycare lady starting, and she did not disappoint! She jumped straight on in with energy and enthusiasm, whipping out a bunch of craft and fun games for the kids to enjoy!! The kids had a blast! I didn't quiet know what to do with myself, I'm usually so busy checking on the little ones and cleaning up after their messes!

And she is able to also come along on our homeschool excursions! I've been so blessed to have some other homeschooling Mums help me wrangle my little ones when out and about, but sometimes I feel guilty that I take up their time, even though they assure me that its no problem. They really are giving people :)

So step one is one giant leap in making life easier! :) 


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