Friday, July 27, 2012

Time and the lack of it.....

I can't believe its been so long between posts. The last few months have been a mix of business with healing, babies, teen moods, home schooling, renovating, chores, holidays and recovering from illness. The burr of juggling everything on little sleep has made the days and nights pass quickly, and I often wonder what has been achieved, especially when there seems to be little time just 'being'.

I have missed blogging. My blog is my home page and I often flick back through enjoying glimpses of the past. I really feel, as though there have been some fun times in the last few months, I'm not 'capturing' them, and in my sleep deprived state I wonder if in years to come if I will even remember these days at all!

Ok, so its a bit melodramatic and over the top, or perhaps its not lol!

 But I will be making more effort to capture those oh so precious memoires,and of course mundane everyday stuff that really makes me appreciate those little things that make me realise how lucky in life I am :)

Pretty heavy for a 1st 'back at it' post hey??!! :)


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