Sunday, July 29, 2012

Holiday Fun

The kids and I were lucky enough to go for 3 wks holiday visiting my brother and sister in law, it had been too long between visits!! (Poor Mike stayed at home to renovate and work).

So after spending a week packing far too much stuff, and driving 7 hours driving with 9 kids we were finally in good old Gladdy.

We while we were away we went to the beach, celebrated NAIDOC week, celebrated  Callum's 13th birthday, my 31st birthday and my niece Kaliyah's 8th birthday. We even got to catch up with my Mum and younger brother in Bundy on our way back :)

We did so many fun things and the best bit about our holiday was the weather!! While everyone at home was rugged up moaning about the cold, we were running around in togs swimming at the beach!! I call it our summer holiday in winter!!

Looking at these pictures makes me miss my family heaps!! They all live so far away but we sure do have fun when we are together!!


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