Monday, July 30, 2012

Baby #7 - 15 wks old

Its amazing how fast little ones grow!! My littlest man is now 15 weeks old!! Danion is a very sweet content baby, only wake a few times at night for a feed and settles well for his sleeps. I still don't have a routine for him, but generally he'll settle by 9.00pm at night and will be up about 7.00am. During the day he just feeds and sleeps whenever, but with him being so happy I don't mind - at the moment.  I'm sure it won't be long til a routine would suit us better.

Danion loves to smile and will laugh up a storm when tickled!! I'm still breastfeeding, which is going well, usually I've given up on breastfeeding by now but this time it seems to be working out really well, and having some real life mentors, successfully long term breastfeeding is inspiring as well.  I quite like the quiet time, where I have to put my feet up and sit, and with Danion giving me cheeky, milky grins makes it all worth while :)

I really wish there was a pause button, just to really be able to cherish these fleeting moments!!


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