Thursday, August 12, 2010

Large Family Washing......

Its my nightmare chore!! I loathe it!! Washing meh, not so bad. Each night I put a load on before bed and either use the dryer that night or hang it in the morning and get it off in the arvo. But when it comes to folding............oh I procrastinate something shocking! The longest I've managed to keep up with my folding is a week, maybe 2. It usually get dumped on a lounge devoted to the washing!

Its taken me a good 45mins or so to fold this lot and there is a few loads hanging over chairs ready to hang up. There is about another 6-10 loads to fold!!! This is about 4-5wks of non folding.........but now that morning sickness has eased off I'm hoping to get into a great routine :) Cross ur fingers everyone!!


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