Monday, August 9, 2010

12 wks

Well baby #6 is at 12 wks :) I'm loving the stage I am atm. Not feeling sick and if Kadee was sleeping at night, I wouldn't be tired either :) Its a nice feeling to cast my mind into the future, and start planning this little ones arrival :)

We are stuck on names though! With such great names already used for the other kids, we're finding it a challenge to find another great name that will fit..........I think that the challenge may be easier when we find out what we are having.

I know too well how fast pregnancy passes and I want to enjoy every last minute of it, as I could very well be my last. Being pregnant with Kadee (#5) was one of my easiest and I'm hoping that this one will be similar. Totally not looking forward to the c/s, this will be #4 and they don't get easier, but I must admit that a scheduled c/s is much more pleasant then an emergency one :)

I can't wait to go for my next scan in perhaps 4-6 wks time :)


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