Monday, August 30, 2010

15 Weeks baby number 6

ALREADY!! Can't believe it! This pregnancy is going so fast, and so far has been quiet easy. Mike and I sometimes forget that I'm even pregnant!! I've gained a bit of weight (like I always do) but other then that I'm feeling very comfortable.
I went for a doctors check up today. Blood pressure is a little high, but not something to be concerned about and no sign of another UTI which is great as I would rather not take antibiotics if I don't have to!

But the doctor couldn't find the heartbeat....... This is a new doctor I'm seeing so I'm hoping that he lacks experience in using the Doppler. I'm trying not to be concerned, at 15 wks the baby just maybe a little small to get a good reading, or might not be in the right position. I have an appt on Thursday with the hospital and their very experienced midwives.............if they can't find a heartbeat then I'll worry!!!!!


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