Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Messy Smiles are the best!

How freakin cute is Kadee!! Too cute for words! Even her messy face couldn't stop me from posting this pic! And the outfit she is wearing?? Well would you believe that it is a hand-me-down from when Livia was a baby, 10 years ago???!!!

And how can I be sure?? Well it has Livia's name on the tags :)

This out fit as been enjoyed by three girls now :) Its starting to fade but the colours still look really cute :)

I have a shed full of hand-me-downs waiting to be re-loved :) Which is great as I then usually only have to buy a few items to top up their wardrobes, saving a whole bunch of money. Buy a new wardrobe for everyone in the family, every season would be totally out of reach for the budget of a large family......


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